Freak Power Fans, 3 days and counting!

There are just THREE DAYS left to RUSH and secure the Early Bird tickets for Freak Power’s Secret and Exclusive gig at The Underdog Gallery near London Bridge! Therefore why not RUSH and snap up these Discounted tickets, reduced from £19 to £15? There are some still available by clicking on the Ticket Source “bouton” below!! You’d better RUSH, I guess! 

This is Acid Jazz at its ultimate and very very best. Guess what, I am getting a RUSH down to my feet, up to my head, when I hear this band! If that is not enough when out in search of FP fans yesterday at London Bridge, I found some very lovely FP people!

This track “RUSH”, is off Freak Power’s “Drive-Thru Body” album from 1994. The song, written by Ashley Slater and Peredur Gwynedd and was produced by Norman Cook (aka Fat Boy Slim). For more info on Ashley Slater check Revolvy 

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