Ashley Slater’s new album: Bone Idol, Volume 1 is released on 1st April

Ashley Slater is one of those rare piece of human co-ordinated flesh, that is so creatively kind in everything sense of the phrase and in everything he composes.  That he continues to produce interesting quality music, lyrics and sounds, that place him fairly and squarely at the top of tree, – when measured against the datum pole musical creativity, is a testament to his determination and durability. I think!

Here is his latest project, Bone Idol, Volume 1 Shared with  a few Facebook Friends, but not to be released worldwide until Wednesday 1st April, but Ash ain’t no fool, always on the button!

He is recently famous for his Kitten and the Hip project with his lovely wife and soul mate Scarlett Quinn. They have achieved more over the past two years or so, producing great tracks, an incredible album and inventive but believable clips, than most do in 7 years! Mind you Cream were only together for 2 years!

One of my favourite tracks is their first, Don’t You Worry,



closely followed by Shut Up and Dance!


You can read all about his former bands and musical achievements in Wikipedia or on the BBC website but this is a story about my mate Ashley and my respect for the guy.

Here is one of my favourite tracks by Ashley Slater, Private Sunshine


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